Do you like the default KDE4 theme in openSUSE?

I don’t know why novell has replaced default KDE4 theme with his own IMHO ugly theme, do you also think that they shouldn’t change it or if they have to it should be something pretty :smiley:

I voted no, but to be fair, I’m not all for the default KDE4 theme either.
I ended up making all sorts of changes to icons, themes, etc. soon after I installed opensuse, and I’m certain that if it came with the default kde4, I’d do the same. :wink:

I guess you have to start somewhere.
And whilst first impressions are important - lets be honest, most of us just tweak it they way we want it.

“You can please some of the people some the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”

Just think how many people put up with what was thrown at them in the likes of win95 - 98 etc…
Total lack of imagination.

At least we have Loads of choice.

I miss the entry “I couldn’t care less”. The default is gone even before I start a new SuSE for the first time (since I always take the settings from my unformatted /home).

Generally branding is just a way to make distributions look different though they use the same desktop environments. And SuSE is doing quite a good job, since their branding does not only affect the look, but even creates the best KDE (3&4) of any distribution I have seen so far. Just compare Kubuntus KDE with openSUSEs and you’ll know what I mean.

Yes but openSUSE have default beautiful GNOME look (IMHO it’s the best theme for GNOME I ever seen) so I was shocked when I saw KDE4 in suse :\ It can daunt people to openSUSE who want to move to Linux from Windows.
I meant: why replacing beautiful theme with ugly theme? :smiley:

I don’t use Gnome. Though I did install it in VBox recently and can’t say anything Jumped Out at Me, saying - ‘Look how beautiful I am’.

I guess it’s a matter of opinion. Which is what you are getting here.

This my ThinkPad on kde3: Image:R61e.png - openSUSE


> I meant: why replacing beautiful theme with ugly theme? :smiley:

Once where in university we got a new guy student who came from another country.
He talked all the time about how beautiful his wife was. We all looked forward
to seeing her. When we did we saw that she was not just a little bit ugly, she
was chew your arm off to get away, coyote-ugly.

The point is: What you call an “ugly theme” is probably beautiful to some
other peoples/cultures and vice versa.

So, stop whining and get on with changing your desktop to the way you like
it, and I will do the same.

Which is what ‘free’ software is all about–no one in Redmond Washington USA
decides the beautiful that all around the world must live with.

Stop trying to chance openSUSE from the outside, instead go to a graphics art
school in a major University for four or six years, get an advanced degree in
layout design, join the openSUSE movement as a developer and have some real
influence on how it looks.

Maybe in time the whole earth will agree that your beautiful is.

I already work as graphic designer :stuck_out_tongue: I have decided to post this topic because this is not only mine feeling, most people dislike that theme, but never mind. I just wanted to know, don’t get at me :X

hi rozbarwinek

it will be very pretty if you will show default theme you name ugly and some another them you name beautiful

but I am for example do not see many kde themes other than opensuse 1x.x 3.x 11.0 kde4 and 11.1 kde4… as for me they all different…

did you mean start menu?

I already do not like it(start menu from opensuse)… and I very like novell’s start menu for gnome…

As for hole desktop… I install opensuse with kde 4.1.3 and it looks pretty good(I change my mind about kde :slight_smile: ).

I don’t like it, I prefer the Elegance theme! :wink:

no i don’t like this green theme, that look very old

I would select the third option, which is not present ie … don’t care ] . In many respects, Linux is all about choice, and so changing a theme is not a difficult thing to do.

ya you can… but don’t remember the majority will surely not changed it…

just check windows… people use internet explorer, msn…