Do you have a website?

Heldere strakke site.

> Natchez Mississippi

mmmmmmmmmmmm, Old Southern Tea Room (still cooking?)


I would suggest lighttpd instead (or nginx if you prefer) for running a small site out of your home. Apache is a heavy monster that chokes easily if your site happens to become very popular. lighttpd not only has a much smaller memory footprint but can handle more requests much better than apache would (and it won’t eat up all your server’s RAM and CPU).

I agree that lighttpd may have a smaller footprint than apache2, but I think that’s no factor with fairly decent hardware.

I have about a dozen websites which I maintain. They all live as virtual domains in a Shuttle xpc box sitting on my desk. It has openSUSE 11.1 (32bit) as OS and apache2. Traffic is low (and slow, going out via my ADSL line with fixed IP) and is intended for a very specialized audience. But I serve about 64000 documents.

The Shuttle Box runs at 93% to 98% idle on the average. Activity raises a bit when mail is coming in and the filters come into action. Top reports that apache2 is using up 0.3% of the 2GB memory and cumulative time is 0:01.73 (15 days up). That’s almost nothing.

The really nice thing about apache2 is that it offers some sophisticated configuration options to prevent the evil outside world to download or mirror my entire websites (which would completely use-up my very limited bandwidth) while still allowing unlimited access for well behaving users and google & friends. I don’t know whether lighttpd offers the same functionality. For me apache2 really rocks!

I’m with vodoo in liking SOHO Apache. I have five public and a couple of private sites in a box in my office, attached to the net by cable broadband. Drawdown is miniscule except for my openSUSE help site which does about 65000 pages per month. I shifted it to the office from a rented server on the Net for economy sake but it has to go back to external server rental because of interruptions to the 24/7 connectivity.

The main things I like about an office webserver is the easy configuration and administration of Apache2/LAMP and the good security of the trio of softwares: openSUSE/SuSEfirewall2/Apache.

I run a few websites. my own website is for my apiary (beekeeping project).

It is a simple Wordpress site I also run a community forum tied to the apiary on the same server. which is linked from the wordpress page.

You can see it at BBE-Tech Apiary

Big Bear

No, but we still have lots of great places to eat.

Pig Out Inn = Best Bar-B-Que on the planet
Pearl Street Pasta = Great Italian Food
Center City Bistro = Excellent Greek Cuisine
Planet Thialand = Awesome Curry and good sushi
Dunleith = Wonderful Fine Dining
Biscuits and Blues = Yummy Stuff
Lil Dagos’ = Good Italian Food
and lots more.

It’s no wonder that everyone around here is!

Looks awesome… I’m moving over lol!

Though I have one “issue” with the first one, best bbq on the planet. Emmm how can one say that if he hasn’t tasted/tried out all bbq’s on the planet first so he can compare/decide which one is best? :smiley:

No doubt it can be very good, but best?

I’d put it up against any Bar-B-Que anywhere. It’s that good.