Do you have a website?

Been trying to start a website, particularly and hopefully something interesting and creative on it eventually. Just want to see what other people have done, either professionally, or just a personal website.

Either way, do you have a website/blog, if so; do you mind posting it?

Thanks. rotfl!

I had a website, but I sold the domain, it was unmaintained.

I do hve a blog about Linux where I post now and then. Check it out: The Linux Space

Yes I have one at All Tech Development it used to be a free hosting site but I think they do that anymore they
sell domains now at like $5 canadian per month.

always good to have a penguin with a bat for those nasty sharks

I just published my thoughts on SUSE, check it out. :slight_smile:

One challenge/hobby for new users is to put a website in their homes. Apache in openSUSE (the LAMP server) works great for that. But it needs dedicated 24/7/365 Internet broadband.

I wonder how many here have home webservers.

I have a LAMP server in the home, but it can not be reached from the Internet. Now this may seem ridiculous in times where everybody seems gready to exposing all hers/his private details to everybody, but it contains things I do not think of interest to others but to ourselves. And I find it easy to have it as a webserrver so otthers in the house can lokks at them easily.

What is to be found there:

  1. a lot of information about our systems (that is mostly for me as system manager);
  2. a database of all our books/maps associated with our travelling to mountai regions and to several countries and their cultures;
  3. two more databases about books of two other areas of interrest I have;
  4. the Statements of accounts of several bank accounts we have;
  5. a list of the monthly/yearly payments to be done (extracted from the data of Kaddress).

The data in 1) is gathered by runniing shellscripts on the systems (every week). 2) and 3) are PHP/MySQL implementations. 4) and 5) are shell scripts in cgi-bin.

I have one too, see my signature… also run an LLP (Linux, Lighttpd, PHP) at home at which really redirects to bitflip as currently the neutrino hostname is unsused but I plan to use it in the future :wink:

I confine myself to the openSUSE page: User : Oldcpu - openSUSE

I have had a few different sites over the years, but right now, I am limited to just my photo sharing site.

Wilson Phillips, Photography, Natchez Mississippi, Kentwood Louisiana- powered by SmugMug

I had a Facebook account, but deleted it this morning. I got so tired of being invited to to follow some weird cause, smiled at, hugged, bumperstickered, poked, superpoked, anal probed, spanked, Yo’villed, Farm’villed, Mafia’villed, etc. Facebook refused to give us a one button solution to turn it all off. In fact, in the past few days, they changed it so that you can no longer simply click on the application and click Hide. You now have to search for the application and block it from there. That was the last straw. Good riddance.


hmmm and you dropped out of the fun? esp the anal probing sounds like major fun rotfl!rotfl!

It was all too much fun for me. I guess I really am too old for Facebook. rotfl!

I have blogs, currently posting the ref links from my site.
Programming and Linux

I currently bought a domain with hosting. which is up and running.
See my signature.
I also write openSUSE 11.2 review and upload 11.2 desktop screen shots.


yeah I know what you’re talking about. I used to have both MySpace and Bebo profiles for about a year, then deleted both at the same time. These social sites are getting tiring and it’s full of attention *****s over there. Esp twitter suffers from this badly where lots just need to tween even about the most silliest and unimportant thing so all the world would know how they hit their leg, or something…

I am amazed at what some of the kids think should be public knowledge. :open_mouth: I do believe if it were feasible, some of these kids would have a web cam on a stick attached to them to document and publish every detail of their lives.

I bet they’d love that too! I used to have a girl on my MySpace profile where she used to upload pics of her EVERY SINGLE DAY (like 20/day or so) and then used an automated bot to go over her friends list and put comments like “New Pics!!! Comment ma Pics!!! I’ll do the same!!!”… Funny, she used to have like 5 thousand friends. I wonder how she’ll comment on all pics of her friends if all commented on her at the same time (maybe just throw another bot at it? lol!)

Some people…

You are running openSUSE. So you can setup a local website on your own PC to get started. Install apache2 and yast2-http-server. Use Yast - Network Services - HTTP server to configure apache2 (the webserver), put some html file in /srv/www/htdocs, open a browser to http://localhost and you’ll see how easy it is.
My website - Welkom bij GL-OSS Computer - Zorg voor automatisering is a simple Joomla site with standard template. Built in half an hour.

I would suggest lighttpd instead (or nginx if you prefer) for running a small site out of your home. Apache is a heavy monster that chokes easily if your site happens to become very popular. lighttpd not only has a much smaller memory footprint but can handle more requests much better than apache would (and it won’t eat up all your server’s RAM and CPU). Same thing for nginx which is getting staggering popular and is actually stealing market away from both lighttpd and apache

You’re right. I meant a suggestion on how to get started at home, as a local copy, for only local access, to get a practice environment. Any site I maintain runs a copy at my home server, MySQL databases on a separate partition.
This way I can experiment and test whatever I want.

Fabulous photography Wilson

Thank you. I am having a blast with my Nikon. I admit though, that it was a huge learning curve. It took a few months before my pictures started to look good. In the beginning, I was thinking, “My old point and shoot was better than this.”:open_mouth: Eventually, it started to sink in and I got the hang of it.