Do Wacom Tablets Work in Suse?

I’ve been trying to move as much of my work from windows to suse and lately i’ve been getting competent in the GIMP (used to using photoshop) and I’m now curious in buying a wacom tablet. Will a wacom tablet
A. work in opensuse linux?
B. work in the gimp?

Also, if yes to both, do you guys recommend any or un-recommend any?

Dear ne0g:
Several years ago I migrated to openSUSE due to the simple configuration procedure using Yast. With Yast was possible to configurate stylus, eraser and cursor and the abolute, tilt and pressure mode for wacom usb tablets (Intuos 2). Gimp works very well with this tablet.
But all that is true up to openSUSE 10.3. For the last version openSUSE 11.0 wacom tablets are not easily configurated, Yast does not configure correctly the tablet as openSUSE 10.3 did.
Now in order to get all features of wacom you need to edit the file xorg.conf. Doing personally that configuration the wacom tablet works fairly well. For more information look at: SuSe 11 Wacom Graphire4 absolute mode - openSUSE Forums

Dear Ne0g:
The correct address is:

Don’t forget to look at this URL:
TabletPCs - openSUSE
… while it states “tablePCs”, in truth it covers stand alone tablets as well.

Also, the openSUSE dev who has done the tablet section has an open invite to provide help:
User : Dkukawka - openSUSE

openSUSE-11.0 has significantly superior tablet support (in YaST) over earlier openSUSE versions.

the OP is talking about USB or bluetooth wacom tablets. oldcpu provided links for TabletPCs, a slightly different beast. For USB tablets, see the Wacom USB tablet howto - openSUSE