Do rpmdb backups work for you?

AFAIK, OpenSUSE is supposed to make rpmdb backups in case corruption happens. Mine installation stopped doing so and I have filed a bug #1171762]( because of that. But maybe it’s something wrong with my system and the problem actually doesn’t exist in general?

Mmm, funny. I hadn’t noticed but I see that the latest backups in /var/adm/backup/rpmdb are from 23 March this year. No idea what caused this change.

EDIT: Found it, the systemd service doesn’t start at boot anymore.

FWIIW, still working in 15.1.

How is it relvant?

When it isn’t of any worth to you, you can skip it.

Thanks for checking. The backups stopped working for me around the same time, so it seems the bug report is relevant. It’s not the service that has to be started during boot. It’s the timer and it is, but the backup script does not handle new rpmdb filenames, as described in bug report.