Do patches for linked packages work ?

In my project(systemsmanagement:zlm) I have created a link to a package (libsatsolver) in another project (zypp:svn). I am trying to build the package for Fedora_9 distro. By default it fails to build. So I have added a patch for the spec file. But while building the package, it seems that the patch is not getting applied. Thats why I was doubting if the patches for linked packages work for Fedora_9 or not ?


The package you are talking about no longer seems to be a link so I can’t be sure what you are talking about, but …

If its a patch for the source, simply uploading the patch is not enough, you also have to add the lines in the spec to apply the patch.

If it is a patch for the spec file, the patch should be uploaded as a project.diff (osc can help you do this), not just as a patch file AFAIK.

Fedora 9 should not be any different to any of the other distros on this.