Do not understand how to force ibus to give me the correct tone marks (pinyin m17n)

Hi, I am using ibus on openSUSE 12.1.
Chinese layouts are installed. Also pinyin (m17n).
But I do not understand (or it does not work) how to change to the different tone marks. The only characters I am able to reproduce are:



Where the first row is without and the second with shift pressed.
And which is the example for US layout with pinyin (m17n) activated.
Intelligent pinyin works flawlessly (很好!)but this is not what I am after here. It is strongly possible that I just have not understand how to use the feature. :shame:
Thank you for help in this issue.

This could be actually an incompatibility that makes this feature quite unusable. First it seems that ibus is not compatible with java based applications (like flashcard ones / pauker). Then also it seems to fail in the libreoffice. Can anybody confirm the same?