do not install the opensuse ati driver !!!

Use Yast to uninstall those RPMs. Then add the community ATI repository in Yast → software → software repositories → add → community → ATI. (except for this weekend I think there might possibly be a power outage see the notice I posted). Then install the x11-video-fglrxG01 RPM and the “default” flavour companion fglrx RPM from there.

Wait a minute:

Before doing anything with the repos, check if the ATI repo has not already been added (which it most likely will be after using the “1-clicker”).

Is already added.

The real question and this does pop up occasionally is why is the one-clicks bringing in the wrong kernel module?

Which notice do you mean?
I am using x86_64 it is not solved.

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There is a new ATI catalyst driver out version 9.9

ATI Catalyst™ Proprietary Display Driver

But moan for me no better support for the ATI Mobility X1350.

The notebook is fast with the internal driver without 3D support that’s good enough for me I only can not show the destkop effects during presentations.

Or to be precise, no support at all for that card (as I already told you before).

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Some remarks:

  • I would not accept ten years of trouble with any hardware.
  • NVIDIA is not too good for linux users either. They do have drivers for their latest products, but hidden from the buyers of those cards. You have to know the unofficial links and check manually or be a Phoronix visitor to know about them.

Tried another laptop with ATI mobility X1700 result black screen.

Well I solved the problem for 2 laptops :
for 64-bit users install these packages

* kernel-source
* compat-32bit
* qt3-32bit
* libstdc++
* libgcc
* xorg-x11-libs-32bit
* xorg-x11-devel-32bit
* Mesa-32bit
* Mesa-devel-32bit
* fontconfig-32bit
* expat-32bit
* freetype2-32bit
* zlib-32bit
* gcc 

Then dowload the amd-ati driver:
Graphics Drivers & Software

Open a terminal and login as root

The ATI driver setup dialog box will displayed.
choose install driver and then automatic.
After installing choose exit to close the dialog box.
launch the terminal login as root and type :
/usr/bin/ati-config --initial
then reboot the computer

type in ALT+F2 and then amdcccle
the ati catalyst control center will be displayed.
I can even enable desktop effects works fine this way.


I have got ATI Readon HD4650 and I installed the drivers “the hard way”, after downloading the driver from ATI site. it worked fine for me…

Hello! I got the same GPU, and cannot change to VSync above 60 Hz. Do you have an idea? My CRT woult take up tu 85Hz @ 1152x864. Thanks!

Which monitor.
Vsync is the vertical synchronisation
Hsync is the horizontal sychronisation
Look in the spec of your monitor.