Do Linux distros work on Macs?

I don’t know, since I’ve never had one. I want to give a Knoppix CD to my friend to try out, but she has one of those new Mac IBooks. I’m pretty sure it has an Intel processor. Will the latest Knoppix CD (5.1.1) work on her IBook, assuming it has the Intel processor? I know for a fact that you can run Windows on it, but I wasn’t sure about Linux.

if it’s ppc version it should run, haven’t used knoppix in a while, so don’t know if there is a ppc.version. give it a try


Since they utilize x86 processors, a Linux distribution will run on it.

However due to lacking a BIOS (Or rather sporting a vastly more advanced EFI) you will need to slightly adjust how you install the OS. Google for Refit.

Thanks for that info!