Do I really need the blogd?

The package blog. When updating it had a conflict with sysvinit-tools, regarding /usr/bin/blogd. Both contains that daemon.
So removing sysvinit-tools is not an option, was too many packages that rely on it. Then do I really need blog? Does it do anything more or different that sysvinit-tools?

Well, I don’t even have any /usr/bin/blogd here on my 42.2 system that has been upgraded from SUSE 8.1 onwards…
sysvinit-tools only has /sbin/blogd …

So what repos are you using?

zypper lr -d

And where does your installed /usr/bin/blogd come from?

rpm -qf /usr/bin/blogd

Typo. I meant /sbin/blogd

Ok, that is indeed in sysvinit-tools in 42.2 as written.

It has been split out to a separate blog package in Tumbleweed, but that package does not exist it in 42.2.

So again, please post your repo list.
It seems you use repos that are not intended for 42.2.

And to explicitly answer your question: no, you don’t need blog, blogd is part of sysvinit-tools in 42.2.
So you should just uninstall it, and reinstall sysvinit-tools afterwards (because uninstalling blog will likely remove /sbin/blog even though it is also contained in the other package)

This package comes from Base System repository for Leap 42.2

Don’t know why it was installed in the first place. Must have been installed as part of a requirement.
I don’t remember why I added the repository. It must have been a package I once needed which didn’t come with OpenSUSE 13.2
Currently I have no packages installed from this repository, so I think I will remove it.

Well, that’s the devel project for Factory/Tumbleweed… :wink:

Currently I have no packages installed from this repository, so I think I will remove it.

Probably the best, yes.

Or install sysvinit-tools from there too, but that likely will need other upgrades and/or may cause other problems.

Even though the repository is for Leap 42.2?


It’s just built for 42.2 too so that users that want to can have the latest versions and/or test them.