Do I need the Postfix deamon???

Hi Every body!!

I’m working on a PC(workstation) used only by me. I’m disabling all daemons that I’m not using, I made a little research about Postfix, and according to what I read this is for email stuff, so the question is Does the system use this deamon?? or may I disable it without problem??

thanks all!

Doesn’t make much sense to me. The daemons mostly are not slowing down your system, yet if you install software that does need them, you may run into serious trouble, not remembering that it might be a service you disabled. Linux is not just a bunch of programs around a kernel, it’s an integrated operating system.

I’m pretty sure that, by default, it only listens on localhost.

If a system process sends an email message reporting failure of part of the system, then postfix will be handling that.

I suggest that you leave it in place.

thanks!!! I’ll do!