Do i need /etc/fonts/fonts.conf if i already configured fonts in yast?

Hi, may be a silly question please be kind i’m new to Tumbleweed and could not find a conclusive answer in the forums. i want to get the best better posible font rendering using subpixel fonts.
I have a fonts.conf file (i keep it in an usb ) that i use in all my other linux installs, it works beautifully, no matter what the distro is, i install some freetype fonts, overwrite /etc/fonts/fonts.conf file (in some distros the file is local.conf or it is located in conf.d directory) and get nice looking fonts. In Tumbleweed with the ease that yast gives me i played a bit with the fonts module, that basically is a graphic editor of the options I use in my fonts.conf file, do i still need to copy my file to /etc/fons? I don’t see any fonts.conf file generated by yast, in fact there is not any fonts.conf fileat all, and two xml entries i use in my file are not in yast gui.

The TW I have currently booted has /etc/fonts/fonts.conf, 2408 bytes, that I played no part I’m aware of in creating. I also have a custom file for font families, /etc/fonts/conf.d/57-post-user.conf, that I created 6 years ago.

So, do i neeed to copy my file or not :expressionless:

wherever yast keep its font config settings is enough, i noticed an improvement after configuring yast and rebooting the system but not as pretty as with copying the file in the other distros htat dont use yast.