Do I install an old webcam driver

I have an old IBM webcam. When I plug it in to the usb port it is properly recognized and shown in lsusb. I have the gspca rpm installed. Searching around, I found (many levels down under /lib) a file called ibmcam.ko

Looks like all the ingredients are there, but kopete doesn’t see the webcam. I run 11.0 and kde. How can I get this running?

have you checked here to see if your camera is in the list ?


It is not on the list. However, the Veo Stingray is on the list and it has been reported that they are the same camera. This is an old cam, but it would suit my uses. As I said, way down in the /lib folder, it seems to have a driver. So, I have hope that with proper instruction I can get it going.