do gfxboot/graphical boot docs exist?

Hi all,

I’d like to know some stuff about gfxboot and so on. Background is that I want rather detailed info in my boot menu, this leads to very long lines, a bit too long for the text-only grub and - because the text starts too much to the right - also too long for the graphical boot screen.

So - how can I reconfigure the graphical boot screen so that the grub menu lines start more to the left?

Aside of that I’d like to know what cpio options are used to create a “message”-file. :slight_smile:

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Hmm, no input from anybody within a week.

So I guess I have to analyze the sources. sigh That will take some time.

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This is a real bummer. I’m currently an Ubuntu user, but decided to try gfxboot on my laptop. Installed, configured, runs great! Trying to create/modify/etc. a new message file seems easy enough, however, the problem is trying to (pre)view the changes you’ve just made. Rebooting everytime seems a bit daunting! I cannot seem to get the following commands to execute properly.

$: gfxboot --help
bash: gfxboot: command not found
$: gfxboot --preview
bash: gfxboot: command not found
$: gfxboot --test
bash: gfxboot: command not found
$: man gfxboot
No manual entry for gfxboot

These can be issued with or without super-user privileges and they return the same message. Does anybody have any suggestions? Where are the docs (if they exist)? Is there some sort of reference/dependency that I should express somewhere? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


link from
Configurable gfxmenu - Boot Land

*I’ve uploaded the source code to:*

There are gfxboot.html in this zip.