Do any Kde 4 users have this problem?

Alright, I have upgraded and I love some of the new improvements in kde 4.1 and the kget crashing bug is gone but the panel openoffice flickering is still there, but plasma is looking great.

welcome to the other side :slight_smile:

now that you mention it, I too have panel issues with OOo. I hardly use it so I did not notice before but on 4.0.82 when I run OOo the clock blinks in an out and the taskmanager does as well. I think this has to do with GTK apps not playing nice under KDE4.

Still glad KDE4.0.82 is working for you as well. imho it is an improvement in all areas but still not mature to use daily and I miss one thing … moving panel items around, SuSe had fixed this but upgrading lost that feature.

if not for gwenview or dolphin I would not even bother with it, but perhaps with KDE4.2 …


yeah its cool :slight_smile: thanks for the support along the way, webcam still isn’t working on kde 4 apps but works fine on amsn and kopete and yeah the plasma widgets disappearing with gtk apps is still there, other wise its still an improvement.

One more thing so once kde 4.1 stable is out I just shift over to the stable repos right?

I noticed flash doesn’t work any more in konqueror but thats not a big issue but konqueror has improved a lot as well :slight_smile:

flash in konqueror? people actually use it to browse? I could not tell you, i mainly use ff3 or opera9.5 and on gnome I like epiphany.

From what I heard KDE4.1 will not be officially released for OS11.0, they will include it in 11.1 though. The Factory will be updated continiously and probably after 4.1 final will contain 4.2 development snapshots so if you don’t want those you should disable factory after final. I guess 4.1 will not be in the stable repos for 11.0, but there are supposed to be 1-click-installs for that.

for chatting i mainly use pidgin since it is multi protocol but for just MSN i believe emesene is the best out there, kopete i never could get rid of the message popups, mercury is much better there but 100% java.


thanks for your help again, but which repos will the one click install for kde 4.1 use then, that means I should just leave it on the unstable kde 4.1 repo?

too scared to use the factory repo…lol.

oh yeah, on konqueror the webpages for me look fantastic :wink:

check out my screenshot:


Alright here is the updates on my bug reports, the fast clicking on title bar to close window isn’t a bug…:stuck_out_tongue: that was just my imagination.

The second openoffice bug has been marked a duplicate of this one:

and its confirmed.

The kget widget crash has been assigned and confirmed:

The webcam one is still unconfirmed, and its here:

otherwise I think with all those new updates the standard suse 11.0 kde 4 desktop will become stable soon :smiley:

i couldn’t disagree with this more. that is if one is using kde 4.1.*

Hello all,
I have openSuse 11.0 installed on my PPC. All is working nice but could i also upgrade from KDE4.0.4 to 4.1? I did try with the factory repo but all i get is again 4.0.4 ): Thanks in advance!

Alright now I don’t really know what support to give u here cause I don’t own a power pc sorry.

Does anyone know if kde 4 beta will run on a powerpc?

which repos did u add though?

if u r encountering bugs, there r updates coming everyday and even I noticed before upgrading that the default kde 4 desktop is getting more and more stable.


this is the repo: Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE4:/Factory:/Desktop/openSUSE_11.0

when you open that in a browser you would see that there is no ppc architecture in there so you cannot get it from the community factory repo unfortunately


OK, thanks for the really quick replies! Then i have nothing else to do then stay with 4.0.4, but it works great, no problem at all for the moment. It was just if i read the thread here 4.1 is even better.

I’m not sure what the .ymp for KDE4.1 will point to, from what I heard it will the community repo so I guess if you update from FACTORY until KDE4.1 goes final you’d be good to go and then could disable FACTORY if you do not want the KDE4.1 betas coming in after that.


thanks (10 character limit)