Do any Kde 4 users have this problem?

oh and compiz from the repos isn’t compatible with 4.0.82 so you would be stuck with kwin effects.

thats no problem, I actually like kwin’s compositing :slight_smile:

u can’t move widgets on panels in 4.1, but u can in 4.0, how ? :eek:

what about the system tray?

alright so I have noticed I am unable to move widgets in panels here anyway so I am going to upgrade then :slight_smile:


no I think I won’t , toooooooooo many dependency errors, stuff like policy kit and stuff, any idea on what to do?

in KDE4.0.4 stock I can move widgets around on the panel with a right mouseclick. in 4.0.82 i cannot anymore however it is finally possible to resize the panel properly.

when installing 4.0.82 I simply accepted all dependecy errors and deinstalled stuff that was not in 4.0.82 but it never actually went away after updates even after completely removing KDE4.0 by a zypper rm kde4*, so a clean install without KDE4 and then a fresh FACTORY / UNSTABLE install from the community repos worked best for me.

I am still unsure about choosing between UNSTABLE or FACTORY though.


May be I should leave it as it is then I guess, spent a day installing all the necessary stuff and configuring the system, don’t want it to break now :slight_smile:

ah well i reinstall my system every month anyway so I am back up in a few hours or so. even have a one liner at hand installing all packages I need after the install with apt/yum/zypper. enabling desktop effects and antialiasing and I am all set. besides you can script your install so it is the same every time you do it again, peace of cake.

KDE4.0.82 has i believe just 4 dependency errors, none f which are critical for the system. ktorrent and 3 others. living on the edge does mean taking some risks though :wink:


yeah I think I will try installing it a bit later then and again I will post here for help if its alright, but I am able to resize panel properly in kde 4 as well though.

one more thing does the webcam work in kde 4.1 and does the panel flicker or something in that?

i do not have a webcam so i would not know, i do not think it is different from 4.0 though. For me the panel/plasma in 4.0.82 is much better then in 4.0.4 so less flickering and kwin effects are also much more mature.


thanks so what do u think about the policy kit dependecy and should I just remove stuff which conflicts then cause I have to work on writer and I am sick of the panel and infact the entire desktop flashing

well i removed it and so far i have not missed it yet. and on a fresh install it does not complain about any policykit issues either.

yesterday I installed not FACTORY but UNSTABLE KDE4.0.82 but so far have not noticed any differences.


so its safe right? no package management will break and there is one package it asks me to downgrade, what should I do about that after I downgrade it?

well what is safe? for me it didnt break anything and feels better then 4.0.4 but it hasnt been tested for months by the opensuse development team, so there might be quirks I did not encouter yet. My 4.0.82 experiment on Arch linux with KDEmod broke my Arch install, but on suse11 it was fine. So i suppose you should be allright, I can’t promise anything. i don’t remember a downgrade of a package though.


i did however rename ~/.kde4 after the upgrade so I started with a fresh (default) set of settings for KDE4.0.82. I am not sure if it is absolutely neccesary but on Arch the upgrade from 4.0.4 to 4.0.82 caused some settings to act strange which was solved by removing ~/.kde4

oxygen looks much better though in the latest 4.1 builds


just a second I will try to find that package it asks me to downgrade, and thanks for continuing support till now :slight_smile:

Here r the dependencies:

deinstallation of compiz-kde4

downgrade of kde4-kio_sysinfo

deinstallation of ktorrent

deinstallation of policykit-kde

i removed all three packages. I do not know about kde4-kio_sysinfo but my version is 11.0-81.3 on KDE4.0.82 from UNSTABLE maybe that helps. I did have to remove both .kde and .kde4 for the desktop to play nice this time since last time I did not upgrade from 4.0.4

what i did notice however is that the fonts on 4.0.82 look much better then on 4.0.4 as well, i did not see that before.


thanks then I will see if I can find that package and upgrade that, thanks again :slight_smile:

I am going to upgrade right now and see what happens