Do any Kde 4 users have this problem?

I have made 2 bug reports:

Kde 4 webcam bug:

and this

Anyone else having this problem? :frowning:

Here is one more:

Alright here is what u do to reproduce this, open the kde 4 konsole as an example, on the title bar next to the application name where there is an icon on the title bar of the running application.

Clicking on it opens a menu with options for that window but if u keep on clicking on that icon on the title bar very rapidly the application just crashes :frowning:

Here is another bug, with openoffice, kde 4 and nvidia with composting on, please confirm these if u have them:

Oh, so now you want us to waste more time, after the smart-money
knew 4 weeks ago that KDE-4 was a pile of dog-sh*t, seeing if we
all agree that KDE-4 is mostly unusable for serious work?

Novell made the mistake of delivering KDE-4 as the default for KDE in 11.0
on the LiveCD, and now they’re gonna suffer for it.

Details at:
Debian lenny will be shipping with kde 3.5.9 - MEPISlovers Forums
KDE 4 and how much it sucks… - MEPISlovers Forums*

What do u mean waste time? The only way kde 4 will improve is if ur report bugs.*

I have KDE4 which is an problem itself. I ran 4.0.4 but found it hardly usable. 4.0.82 in the buildservice is much better already imho but I still think I will run back to Gnome once again. I try KDE often and always feel like coming home when returning to good-old-gnome (i just don’t get that SLAB thing, my what is That, why do I need a popup to run apps?)

That said I found nvidia not playing nice with KDE4 in general nor with 2.6.25/2.6.26rc and compiz and KDE4 is not great either, kwin effects are slightly more stable.

the KDE4 panel is a flickering mess for me with lost icons, clocks disappearing, GTK apps looking silly. I also would like to loose the yellow turd in the upper corner and have a normal dragable, selectable desktop again with normal dekstop icons that are not widgets in themselves.

I do love dolphin and gwenview though, they are the single most important reason for me to use KDE4 at all. I even use dolping under gnome it is SO much better then nautilus will ever be.


at last a proper reply :slight_smile: glad to know to kde 4.1 beta will be better then but can u please confirm those bugs, I mean the ones u encounter, thanks.

All the bug reports I’ve read say stuff like: “fixed in 4.1”
and “fixed in 4.2”. I’ve got a bootable Debian-experimental partition running
KDE 4.1, which is still missing basic functionality vs 3.5.

So, when I see KDE 4.2 come into the update-repo, I’ll take a look again on SUSE.
If it allows me to create an application-shortcut on my desktop, and
has kweather working, and allows me to add stuff to systray, I might
give it chance. Until then, it’s totally broken, in my view.

Kde 4.1 will be out in 9 to 10 days then right? So u think I should wait till then before I go back to 3.5.9?

Very interesting you guys. I have a broken DVD of 11 – waiting for a new DVD – but I have a just-working version of 11.0 and KDE4 going in the interim. And I was a bit depressed because KDE4 sucks as not useful for the work place. So I might have to switch to Gnome I thought. But it’s good to know that in a years time, from what you’re saying, it might be useful for folk like me who want to use it for doing work rather than just for the sake of bling.


No, according to postings elsewhere, 4.1 won’t be out until 11.1.
[Historically, it was said that the first 2 KDE-digits remain constant throughout
the distro-lifetime. If that’s true, then KDE will only get updated to
4.0.5, 4.0.6, etc. during lifetime of openSUSE 11.0]

So, a year from now, when I upgrade to 11.2, maybe then I’ll see KDE 4.2, and
maybe it’ll finally be usable. Meanwhile, 4.2 is vapor-ware.

But, of course, this is all tongue-in-cheek. I have NO idea when any of these
releases of KDE will be released into 11.0. Meanwhile, I’m betting that the party-line
will be to remain with ’ v3.5.9’ if you don’t like ‘4.0.x’, which is what I do.

My 2-cents…

Dave [an innocent observer who uses MEPIS for production work]

nope 5 weeks is more like it … if they do not delay like with 4.0:

KDE 4.1 Roadmap : -

* March 31st, 2008: Soft Feature Freeze
* April 22nd, 2008: Hard Feature Freeze
* April 22nd, 2008: Tag KDE 4.1 Alpha 1
* April 29th, 2008: Release KDE 4.1 Alpha 1
*  May 20th, 2008: Message Freeze.
* May 20th, 2008: Tag KDE 4.1 Beta 1
* May 27th, 2008: Release KDE 4.1 Beta 1
* June 17th, 2008: Tag KDE 4.1 Beta 2
* June 24th, 2008: Release KDE 4.1 Beta 2
* July 8th, 2008: Artwork Freeze
* July 8th, 2008: Tag KDE 4.1 RC 1
* July 15th, 2008: Release KDE 4.1 RC 1
* July 22nd, 2008: Tag KDE 4.1.0
* July 29th, 2008: Release KDE 4.1

Schedules/KDE4/4.1 Release Schedule - KDE TechBase

besides most of the good stuff (amarok, koffice2, etc.) did not make the KDE4.1 feature freeze and been delayed to KDE4.2. They told us KDE4.1 would be KDE4 but now they say KDE4.2 will be KDE4


sorry I had 29 july confused with june :eek: thats a long time

I was just chatting elsewhere with andrewd18 who said this very interesting thing:

Upgrade to the 4.1 version in the UNSTABLE KDE 4 repository. Suddenly you can start doing things in KDE 4, and it’s not any more “unstable” than the “stable” version, considering they’re all in beta anyway.

That makes good sense to me.

that sounds like a good idea but if I upgrade to unstable will I still have 2 versions of kde meaning like one stable and one unstable?

Alright then I am going to upgrade then, if there really is not going to be much difference then I am better of using a beta :slight_smile:

I don’t seem to have that problem. I am running the latest nvidia driver and KDE 4.0.4 (release 24.2) on suse 10.3.

Don’t know if that helps any.

The point is that they’re both beta versions, so how stable is either version? About the same probably.

No you won’t have two types. the existing packages will be updated in situ.

Add this repo: Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE4:/UNSTABLE:/Desktop/openSUSE_11.0
The in Yast → software management → switch to “pattern” display on the KHS. R-click KDE4 base and select “all in this list” to update if newer packages available. Do the same for KDE4 desktop.

You’ll get three or four dependency problems. Choose to uninstall the offending apps to overcome th problem. Ktorrent is one and a couple of others.

There it is.

If you fear busting your installation. Use the “pattern” facility to install KDE3.x because you can have them installed concurrently and swap between at the login screen

thank u for your help, I will do that now and and sorry for the late reply

i had lots of dependency errors all the time when upgrading from stock 4.0.4 KDE to de unstable branch. I ended up reinstalling with gnome and then intall a plain 4.0.82 from the repos.

What is important to consider is that KDE4.0.82 is vanilla KDE4 so you will loose all SUSE specific patching and branding. among which the ability to move around widgets on the panel and the half decent working system tray actually showing icons.