DNS resolving error - HELP really badly needed

Platform: OpenSuSE 10.3 x64
Problem: whenever some network service is called for a host from the domain company.local which is here in our intranet, the resolving does not work the “normal way”. Server tries to ask DomainController for a host name and the real nslookup (even look into the /etc/hosts file) takes place some 5 - 7 minutes later.
The server was never part of a domain and it was even configured with network unplugged. I can not find out, how to make him not to try to resolv the company.local hosts from the DC instead of his hosts or standard DNS.
The help is really appreciated.

If I understand your question correctly,

  • If your Host is configured as a DHCP client and especially if you might want to have multiple machines do lookups against a specific DNS server, configure accordingly as a DHCP option on your DHCP Server.

  • If this is a machine configured with a static IP address, you can open up YAST > Network Services and configure your NIC to point to the proper DNS server.

Hi & Welcome!

This issue can occur if you are talking to a MS Domain Controller.

The thing you probably need to do, is to set “mdns off” in your /etc/host.conf

You can also have a read though this thread : http://forums.opensuse.org/network-internet/392447-why-dns-not-working-properly.html
Post #28 has a good resume of the options that can be set.

Hope that helps,