DNS resolution on a home network

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Network Devices > Network Settings > Highlight interface > Edit > Dynamic address, DHCP > Next > Hostname/DNS tab > Modify DNS configuration > Only manually (from dropdown)

Thanks! Guess it would help if I’d actually used the “help” button and read the text. However this still didn’t solve the problem I’m seeing, but it did put me on the right path for analysis. It now appears to me that the YaST DNS Server module has a problem handling “forwarders”. While you can get it to create the forwarders.conf file, it never seems to include a reference to in in the named.conf setup. In 10.x there was an include statement in named.conf that took care of this. The end result in 11.1 is that with a local DNS server anything not locally resolved is thrown at the root servers for resolution, bypassing the up-stream resolver your ISP may have wanted to use. For most people this won’t be a problem, but if you’re setting up a sub-domain (say “accounting”) under a parent domain (say “corporate”) such that you want accounting systems to have corporate visibility it doesn’t work unless the systems defined at the corporate level are exposed to the internet for name resolution since the corporate DNS Server will be bypassed. (Ideally you’d want to resolve names in accounting, then in corporate and finally at the Internet level since in most cases the names in the accounting and corporate DNS data won’t be known up-stream and the Internet level given that you may want to keep them behind a corporate and possibly an accounting firewall.) Editing named.conf doesn’t work since YaST and the named startup scripts don’t like to deal with modifications YaST didn’t make. There’s another bug in YaST DNS Server that exists in both the 10.x and 11.x versions and that’s the ability to supply information for Network Name resolution. Most people don’t bother to set this up and it isn’t required, but if you want to it requires being about to insert a PTR record in the forward definition file and an A/AAAA record in the reverse definition file. (Network Name resolution allows one to define say “home.net” in and get the resolver to return for a lookup of “home.net” and return “home.net” for a lookup of Luckily this can be done manually and the YaST DNS Server module doesn’t step on it as it does with manually updated named.conf files.

Yeah, at some point, I think 10.3, I looked at the files generated by YaST DNS module and decided that it didn’t do all that I wanted and went back to manual configuration. I haven’t looked recently but from what you describe, it sounds like it’s not all there yet.