dns resolution issues


Here’s newbie.

I have some issues with the dns resolution.
Clients and DNS servers are Windows.

I can ping win clients and servers from openSUSE and I can ping openSUSE from win clients and servers with IP address but not with dns name.

I fill name servers in network parameters and click finish.
When I go to network parameters again, name servers are disappeared.

If I try to view resolv.conf file : #generated by NetworkManager, do not edit.

I do not know how to configure my dns servers in openSUSE ?

Thanks for your help.

If you are comfortable with the CLI this is a very good how-to on setting up BIND.
Traditional DNS Howto | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials
If that way seems daunting you can use Webmin as a GUI configuration tool.

Here’s a couple other tutorials for Webmin and bind.
Configuring BIND with Webmin - RimuHosting
The Book of Webmin

Good Luck,

I may not understand well your post but I just need to enter the IP address of my dns servers in Network parameters, hostname/dns tab.

The option : “change /etc/resolv.conf manually” is grayed out.
So even if I enter the IP addresses, they do not be written in resolv.conf file.

Any idea (I am in static IP)?