DNS not working on SUSE 11.2

I’ve installed OpenSUSE 11.2 on a laptop that is part of a Windows network (mostly Win 7 machines, but one running XP; it’s a workgroup named HOME).

I had a number of problems with net connectivity after installing SUSE, some of which were solved when I found a post (f10 internet problems - LinuxQuestions.org) that recommended disabling IPv6 DNS lookup in Firefox (network.dns.disableIPv6) - that allowed Firefox to see through my router to the Internet. However, the SUSE package installer is still reporting it “can’t resolve name” on all the download servers for packages (although I can go to that URL in Firefox) and now the latest is that I can’t access one of the Win7 machines as e.g. smb://mikexx but I can as smb://

What could be wrong with my DNS configuration that is preventing name resolution from working except in Firefox?

Have a look to this
No Internet browsing with opensuse 11.2 x86-64 XEN - openSUSE Forums


How would we know if you do not even show that DNS configuration?

Show us the output of:

cat /etc/resolv.conf

Do you use DHCP to get your network configured or did you configure using YaST?

BTW, it is imho not true that FF uses different way to resolve hostnames from other software. They all call gethostbyname().

And try:

nslookup forums.opensuse.org

What is the result of typing this on the command line:

cat /etc/resolv.conf | sed -e “/^#/d”

I bet that the IP address of the nameserver is not correctly set. (It’s not you, it’s a bug).

As far as I can ascertain it is NOT a DNS issue.

I spent 3 days mucking around with settings and YAST configuration but no resolution.

I reset all the default settings via (1) /etc/sysconfig and (2) YAST “Network Settings”. I reinstated IPv6 to active. It is NOT IPv6 in my opinion.

I reverted to firefox 3.0.15 from 3.5 and all my problems disappeared.

I suspect, in my scenario, that it IS firefox 3.5

Cheers and good luck.