Dns not updating after connecting to the internet

for some reason it seems that the DNS servers are not being stored on the machine. I can connect either by tethering my cellphone to the computer, or by using a lucent/agere internal modem along with the martian_modem driver. kinternet says i’m connected, the modem makes all the applicable dialing/connection sounds, but when i try to access websites or even ping google I get “host not found” errors. Any ideas?

can you ping ??

Have a lot of fun…

Yes I can :slight_smile:

ih8censorship wrote:
> Yes I can :slight_smile:

then you probably just need to set up your DNS setup in accordance
with your ISP’s nameservers…that is, in YaST > Network Services >
DNS and Hostnames you need to stuff in the address of the ISP for the
access device you are using (you mention two, cell phone or internal
modem) if they use the same ISP you should be good to go once your
machine it taught how to find the ISP’s DNS servers…

the ISP should (normally) provide two or more “name server”
addresses…they go into the blocks “Name Server 1” 2, 3…

CAUTION: i am NOT a networking GURU…what i write may not be
helpful…unfortunately, most of the world around all the developers
has gone to broadband and there seems to be little interest in helping
the billions who will need to use steam powered dial up…so, you may
need to search these (and other?) fora for more details…or hope a
real guru stumbles in…

-if- that guru doesn’t come in a day or two i’d post again with a
subject something like: Dialup will only connect via dotted quad.

and, in the body give the info you gave before, PLUS the version of
openSUSE you are using, along with the desktop environment…

that should attract someone who understands the situation…

Have a lot of fun…