DMT tool for Linux.

Gentlemen, I am in the Uk and use a Netgear DG834GT Modem/router.
I then use the DMT tool software to reset the SNR which pushes my sync speed from 13400 to 15600kbps and as I am on a stable line holds the SNR between 0.8 to 2.7. (usually 1.7 through the day).
At the moment I have to boot my wifes Windows comp and fire up the DMT tool . I then boot my comp with 11.2 and away I go .
I have DL the linux version of the tool but it doesn’t appear to do anything. Does anyone have experience of this Linux version?
As always any and all help is greatly appreciated.

The windows version works fine under WINE, though you have to run it as root. Enter in the run command: kdesu wine <path to DMT.exe>

Ok thanks for that .