dmesg command output

Dear All,

On my opensuse based server connected with IBM SAN, i have these repeated messages from dmesg

sdb: Current: sense key: Recovered Error
<<vendor>> ASC=0xe0 ASCQ=0x3ASC=0xe0 ASCQ=0x3

Any one having idea?

Sense is a status you get back when you send a command to a device, stating the status of the device (and the result of the command)). Of course what the answer (here expressed in some hexadecimal numbers) means is dependent on the device. In this case the driver on your system concludes there is something wrong, but that it can be handled (recovered, by e.g. repeating the command and then getting a better sense answer).

What all the bits in the sense anwer mean will be defined somewhere in the documentation of the device and its protocol. Maybe the driver source has a clarification.

IMHO when there are a lot of these, there could be something wrong and finding out what it is could be worth like. Performance could be worsened by the recoveries. OTOH they are recoverable.