dm_crypt / removable devices / USB / hot plug

Has this stuff been tested? Anyone got it working?

  • Plugged a USB with EXT3 (/dev/sdb).
  • Ran “partitioner”.
  • Removed existing EXT3 partition.
  • Started to create new EXT3 encrypted partition.
  • Doc (111 ref) says, check “fstab” option not to mount at bootup.
    Actually, this option is greyed out in the “fstab” dialog …
  • Went ahead anyway without that.
  • After formatting, new parition appeared as /dev/sdc but dm mapping
    appeared for /dev/sdb …
  • Which are you supposed to mount - the dm mapping or the actual hd
    entry (both appear to have fstab options).

Unplugging/replugging, nothing happens. No mounts, no prompts.

Is there a step by step, accurate guide, for creating a hot-plugging
fully encrypted USB drive. In my case, I’m not so concerned about the
PC itself, more so for the security of the backups.

Not looking for alternatives like TC or using encrypted zips (weak),
etc. Looking to make this work as it is supposed to. ]

Seems to be quite a few users on various forums having issues with


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