dm-crypt failure after kernel


after updating to the new kernel, my encrypted home partition is not longer accessible.
In boot.msg, the following message is logged:

<4>------------ cut here ]------------
<4>WARNING: at kernel/softirq.c:137 local_bh_enable+0x3c/0x92()
<4>Modules linked in: sha256_generic aes_x86_64 aes_generic cbc uhci_hcd dm_crypt loop dm_mod arc4 ecb crypto_blkcipher snd_hda_intel rtl8180 snd_pcm snd_timer mac80211 snd_page_alloc eeprom_93cx6 fglrx(PN) snd_hwdep snd rtc_cmos rtc_core ohci1394 i2c_piix4 shpchp soundcore sr_mod pci_hotplug i2c_core pcspkr ieee1394 rtc_lib button serio_raw r8169 cfg80211 usb_storage wmi cdrom mii sg usbhid hid ff_memless ehci_hcd ohci_hcd sd_mod usbcore crc_t10dif edd ext3 mbcache jbd fan ide_pci_generic atiixp ide_core ata_generic thermal processor thermal_sys hwmon pata_atiixp ahci libata scsi_mod dock
<4>Supported: Yes
<4>Pid: 2212, comm: cryptsetup Tainted: P #1
<4>Call Trace:
<4> <ffffffff8020da29>] show_trace_log_lvl+0x41/0x58
<4> <ffffffff8049a3da>] dump_stack+0x69/0x6f
<4> <ffffffff8023d562>] warn_on_slowpath+0x51/0x77
<4> <ffffffff802425b3>] local_bh_enable+0x3c/0x92
<4> <ffffffff80433be7>] sk_filter+0x97/0xa0
<4> <ffffffff80441a42>] netlink_broadcast+0x220/0x386
<4> <ffffffff803614cd>] kobject_uevent_env+0x452/0x520
<4> <ffffffff803401d7>] set_disk_ro+0x58/0x8d
<4> <ffffffffa05621d1>] __bind+0x11d/0x136 [dm_mod]
<4> <ffffffffa056223e>] dm_swap_table+0x54/0x70 [dm_mod]
<4> <ffffffffa0566766>] do_resume+0xa9/0x122 [dm_mod]
<4> <ffffffffa056717d>] ctl_ioctl+0x1cb/0x213 [dm_mod]
<4> <ffffffffa05671d3>] dm_ctl_ioctl+0xe/0x12 [dm_mod]
<4> <ffffffff802bd249>] vfs_ioctl+0x21/0x6c
<4> <ffffffff802bd4b6>] do_vfs_ioctl+0x222/0x231
<4> <ffffffff802bd516>] sys_ioctl+0x51/0x73
<4> <ffffffff8020bfbb>] system_call_fastpath+0x16/0x1b
<4> <00007f2d8f2d9b77>] 0x7f2d8f2d9b77
<4>— end trace 1fd54d1112bea453 ]—

Any help is appreciated…

its a harmless message. a bug report is open already and it will be fixed with the next kernel update.


Already managed to access /home, so only the annoying msg remains.

I just upgraded on one of my systems and cannot access my /home or any other encrypted partition /var /tmp /swap and others. Upon booting it will recognize /dev/mapper/root fstab entry (yes that is encrypted also.) ask for the key , but then immediately goes into repair filesystem and mounts / read only, wont recognize any other encryted partition either. What exactly do I need to do to have full access to my system again ?

I thought re-run mkinitrd ? But this will be fun as I stated it isnt recognizing/mounting any partitions at all. Also it totally re-wrote the grub entries in menu.lst.

Ideas suggestions helpful. Thank you.


(The bug report mentioned by mmeissner)

//Edit: @Heremod

  • boot from Live-CD or installation CD/DVD

  • chroot into installed system (also binding /sys /proc and /dev to chroot)

  • fix menu.lst

  • rerun mkinitrd

thank you for the feedback , will do. If something goes wrong Ill report back.

Quick question though should I not install the patch the listed on bugzilla ?