DL360 G3

I have a DL360 that I did a test install about a week ago with opensuse 10.3. Everything seemed to work fine.

However today I am trying an install of 11.0 (new installation). I just can’t get it to load. It may have something to do with the ILO virtual media. I have am ISO of the DVD (I have done successful installations with this ISO elsewhere so I know it is good). I mount the ISO to the server through ILO (same way I installed 10.3). After it loads the install media, it fails to find the repository info from the CD. So I did a network install. That seemed to work just fine, but now, after it has downloaded and installed as the packages, it is frozen on the “configuring hardware” screen during the automatic installation.

I really was hoping to use the new suse since I have had really good luck with suse. Any ideas?

I have also recently installed Ubuntu Server on the same box, in the same fashion as well, and it only took about 15 minutes total.

Thanks for any help you may be able to provide. I have a few other ideas, but suse takes so long to install I could be at this all day.

Is your media 64-bit or 32-bit?
I’ve had a similar problem installing 64-bit, but no problems installing 32-bit.

No issues on G5 series of the DL380 - perhaps a firmware upgrade is in order?

Do you have the possibility to use the built-in CD/DVD drive? Could be ILO is trippin over some format or other.
Also where exactly does the boot stop (when doing the normal install)? Any specific messages on the console?

A couple of things, first make sure your G3s firmware is up to date… go here:


Also, as stated previously the G3s are only 32 bit platforms…

Hope this helps…