DKMS, Nvidia and intitial black screen

Running 13.1, Kernel 3.11.9 from the Kernel:/openSUSE-13.1/standard repo, Nvida 331.20 self compiled and KDE 4.11.4 note: the DKMS rpm if from openSUSE not Packman

I have not configured DKMS to run as written up in a forum/blog post, this is straight from the rpm

First run after a Kernel upgrade (after both a reboot or shutdown) gives a black screen with no access to virtual terminals. Forcing a restart and all seems fine - compositing works and VirtualBox registers it’s drivers using DKMS. So why 2nd boot works and 1st not?

Is there a step/configuration I’ve missed? Do I need to start, go to safe mode and then restart for the drivers to compile/be enabled?


PS - never worked in 12.3

update after today’s Kernel update:

After installing the new Kernel packages I rebooted into failsafe mode and then re-rebooted into desktop mode and KDE started (started badly but it started, think that’s a different issue)

So is that how it works, you must do a double re-reboot for the NVIDIA drivers to be available using DKMS? Or is there something I need to do?


NVIDIA driver is now finally in the repos so you should just get it there.

No double boot should be needed.