I wasn’t sure which section to put this in, but finally opted on “Install/Boot/Login” because it deals with kernel modules.

Dynamic Kernel Module Support is (in my opinion) a neat idea that makes it unnecessary to recompile kernel modules each time you do a kernel update. Fedora, Ubuntu and other major distributions support it now.

I wonder why OpenSuse doesn’t? Or does it, and it’s just a well-kept secret? A search of this forum, as well as a Google search, isn’t very positive. In fact, the most common answer to, “where’s DKMS in Suse?” is something like, “just recompile the kernel module(s), it’s no big deal.”

… ! :\

Unless I’m wrong and OpenSuse does support DKMS, and I just can’t find it, this is really surprising.

Edited, update: I forgot to check the build service. There is a one-click there for it, and I think I’ll try it.

How did you fare with the Build Service DKMS packages (was it worth it, any bugs/gotchas, etc.)?