Diving into Linux 13.1 and TCP/IP

I have some general questions on TCP/IP when it comes to OpenSuse Linux 13.1: How does TCP/IP get started during the boot-up process? And what is the first module to get called?


It may be that someone here knows more about this. But as the TCP/IP stack is in the kernel and you are aware of this (else you wouln’t have used the word “module”) my guess is that you better search for an answer in forums/mailing lists that are dedicated to the kernel.

To be more precise, TCP/IP is the networking protocol, and networking is the service which provides network-based communication possibly using the TCP/IP protocol.

If you’re interested in <when> the networking service is invoked and setup during the boot process, probably an easy place to look is in your syslog. So, for instance immediately after a fresh boot, you can display the last 1000 entries or so in the syslog Scroll through the boot process and it should make a lot of sense what loads in what order.

# tail -n 1000 /var/log/messages 

If you want to learn more about how TCP/IP is managed in a modern Linux system, have a look at the man pages for ip

man ip