Distribution upgrade attempt broke a software development system.

I dared to let another software distribution upgrade run on an openSUSE Tumbleweed development system.
All needed packages were successfully downloaded according to the command “zypper dup”.
But I observed then that technical difficulties were reported for change actions which should be performed because of the installation of a software package like “filesystem”.
Hardlinks could not be performed for questionable reasons.

I aborted this installation attempt.

I rebooted the computer.
:open_mouth: I got shocked then that required programs for the desired system initialisation were not found any more.
:\ How are the chances to repair such a broken system?

You might find something interesting here:

This can be the case also for the topic “Snapshot 20210527 - Usr merge and compile kernel modules”.


I would be more interested in the clarification of consequences around the recent software evolution “Heads up: UsrMerge impact imminent”.
Further users are wondering about broken systems, aren’t they?

This may be of interest…

I see a few wayward links in /usr…

cd /usr; find . -xtype l

I wonder how Dominique Leuenberger (DimStar) could avoid reported “hiccups” just by using the mentioned “TW Live image”.
Is the software package database still consistent (for the usage of the command “zypper --root /mnt dup”) after the update approach failed for special symbolic links?

It looks that way…

As time goes by, things do get missed. Mine is a fairly fresh install so the only ones were the kernel issue and I see ksh (which I don’t use) just needed a force install, there are a few document/readme ones foobar in /usr but that is neither here nor there. The only other one I see is net-snmp and agentx link.