display troubles

So I have built a linux rig and installed openSuse 11.1 - the installation went well, rebooted and then wouldn’t display anything on my TV. I connected a seperate monitor to it, and it booted into the desktop no problem. So I don’t know why after the install it won’t display on my TV.

My TV is a 46" Samsung LCD HDTV. I’m using DVI -> HDMI.

The graphics card is onboard, using an Asus M3A78-CM mobo. I dedicated 64MB of memory to the graphics. I would think that would be enough.

If you need any more info, i’d be glad to provide.

The graphics are probably at a resolution that the Samsung can’t understand/display, so it’s blanking.

On your computer monitor, run Sax (Yast->Hardware->Graphics Card and Monitor) and see what resolution it’s using.

Most HDTVs and LCD computer monitors are quite aggravating about the resolutions that they’ll accept. My Samsung LCD monitor here at home gets quite petulant if one thing is out of whack. :slight_smile:

… although, another possibility is that the DVI output isn’t activated. Are you running your computer monitor off VGA, and the HDTV off of DVI/HDMI? Or are both being driven by the same output on your graphics card?

If they’re separate, that would require more thought and someone who’s done it would be the one to ask.

I figured out the problem. The display res was set for 800x600 which my TV doesn’t support.

So I had to reinstall openSuse and did a manual config, and set the resolution to 1080p. I guess when you leave it on autoconfig it sets it to the most common or smallest resolution.

Thanks for the quick replies though!