Display rotation

I have a tablet PC without position sensors and I would ask you if is it possible rotate the display? KRandRTray can’t do it.

If the KRandRTray (graphical front-end to xrandr) can’t rotate your display, then I think not. It comes down to how xrandr-complient your graphics driver is (which you haven’t mentioned). I’m assuming you’re using a proprietary driver? Which version of openSUSE?

Excuse my imprecisions, I have openSuse 11.3 with 260.19.21 nvidia driver.

Deano_ferrari I modified /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/50-device.conf adding this option:

  Option          "RandRRotation"      "on"

and now I can choose which rotation use. But left and right rotation don’t work, only 180° goes well…

Great!!! Deano_ferrari, I observed that

xrandr -o left
xrandr -o right

commands WORK FINE!!!
But instead KRandrRTray not, very strange…Moreover, coordinates of pen aren’t inverted correctly, like mouse. What do you think about?

The pen is using a differnt driver (like Wacom or evdev) so it will need to be rotated using commands like xinput set-prop or xsetwacom. You at this link at section 4 to see some examples on how to rotate an evdev/Wacom device.

Thanks for your update MaxiPigna. I wasn’t aware of that option for nvidia (although I don’t have that hardware to check with anyway). It looks like you’ve neraly got it sorted though! :slight_smile:

If you still find KRandrR doesn’t work, I would check/submit a bug report with kde.org

KRandRTray seems to be broken since a long time (https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=220085). That’s why I always use the command line way.