display problems with studio 15

i use a studio 15 from dell. recently i updated the driver for suse 11.1 from the site using the easy click to install method. after the installation the screen went blank and black. now after restarting there is new option in the grub loading screen called suse debug.

after the updation, i cant see or do anything. they show all the loading process as complete, but then just a black screen appears. even after pressing ctrl alt backspace twice no response. is there anyway to roll back the system to before the updation. ?

I had what may be a similar problem. My thread is here:
X window problem with kernel on Dell Studio 15 - openSUSE Forums

I found pressing <CTR><ALT><Delete> a few times in quick succession would force a reboot (it takes 10 seconds or so after the pressing for the reboot process to come clear).

Speculation on my part: You could try roll back to the 2.6.27-9 kernel that came with openSUSE (the rpms are on the OSS repository) Package Repositories - OSS - openSUSE

and then also install (roll back) to the alsa 1.0.19 for the 2.6.27-9 kernel Alsa-update - openSUSE for sound. Maybe then you could load the VESA driver or openGL driver for your graphics.

Note, I am not a one-click user so I can not give you a one click recovery.

thank you, but could you please guide me with a step by step procedure on how to get back the old kernel. i am new to the entire linux and suse, and dont want to give up coz of this one tiny problem.

I know how to do it, but to write a step by step guide that a new user would understand ? … probably not … I’ve now almost finished my 11th year with Linux as my home desktop, and I simply take too many things for granted in Linux, and too many things are second nature/intuitively obvious to me (and would not be for a new user). I would not know where (at what level) to start, nor would I know what to include and what not to include for a new user, and I would likely miss too many steps.

Anyone else?

thanks, i think i will have to re-install the entire thing right from start.

as noted , a detailed step by step procedure, for a new user, is something I do not think I’m qualified to do. … I’m too out of touch as to what is intutively obvious (to a new user) and what is not. I take many things for granted with Linux (having used it so many years) that new users probably do not see as intitutive.

But reference this note:

… IF you are going to re-install from start, then you have NOTHING to lose if you mess up.

Hence, you could look at this post where I gave general guidance on rolling back one’s kernel:
wont boot into GUI - openSUSE Forums
Note that is NOT a step by step procedure designed for a new user.

But then since you are considering a re-install, you don’t have much to lose (I assume all your important data is backed up in any case).