Display Problems with 15.4beta and Ryzen 4600H + Nvidia 1660ti USB-C graphics

I just checked gnome, KDE and xfce beta live beta.

(Thanks to Ventoy to make it super easy to switch live images)

Tumbleweed I can run :

HDMI - Ryzen 4k 60 Hz
USB-C nvdia 1660ti 4k 60Hz
and internal notebook panel Ryzen 1080p 60HZ

as triple screen configuration.

KDE: If I start 15.4
X11 the USB-C screen shows a static image and I can pull the mouse to the screen but not windows.
wayland I can us the USB-c but only 30Hz
If I mark the USB-C screen as primary, the screens become unresponsive, menu.

Gnome, I cannot use the USB-C as primary. only 30Hz.

XFCE, USB-C 60Hz, but cannot be used as primary.

Where to report this bug?

openSUSE:Submitting bug reports