Display problem with opensuse 11.1

I have tried to install opensuse 11.1 3 times now, and every time its the same problem. Ive tried to download a new copy of the iso image so its nothing wrong with that. So, to the problem.

The installation goes well evry time, but when its supposed to boot afterwards I get a message on my lcd screen that says " restores resolution somting somting". When I connect it through VGA to an crt-display its just all black. The exact same thing happens when i connect to my tv through DVi-HDMI.

How can make it work som I can use 11.1. All the previous versione (11.0, 10.3 osv.) have worked fine.

Someone who knows what the problem is?

Please, more info? Graphic card? What’s the exact error?

You probably picked a too high resolution for the splash screen.

My graphics cars is Nvidia Geforce 8800gts.

When i try to bot i get the load screen (the one that says opensuse and has a load thingy in the grey board in the middle) when it has loaded and the desktop should appear, insted a message from the lcd screen appear (fujitsu siemens, max res. 1280x1024) and it says: (its in swedish but ill try to translate as good as I can).

frequency outside area: 81KHz/65Hz.
Change reproduce (not sure aboute the translation about the last word) to 1280x1024 with 60Hz