Display problem after installing SUSE 10.2

Respected Sir,

I have Dell Optiplex sx270 system with 2.8 GHZ processor and 1 GB Ram. i install SUSE 10.2 on this system. During installation there is no display problem occur and all SUSE packages install in the system. But after when completing installation, i restart my computer after that GURB start and i select SUSE Enterprise Desktop option after that display off. Please tell me what is the problem and please also post solution.


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I did some web searches about the problem. I found that another person had the same problem that you do. He said that in his sx270, he had a bad motherboard. Everything worked ok except one of the RAM slots. After this person took one of the RAM sticks out of the slot, it started to work again. He called Dell and got a new motherboard from them, and now he can use both RAM sticks in his computer. I think you might have a bad motherboard. I can’t guarantee that though, that’s just my best guess.

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I’ve also had a similar problem. I used to use Windows XP. My computer started freezing every few minutes. I thought it was a virus. But, it was a motherboard problem. One of the RAM slots had gone bad. I took the 2nd ram stick out, and it worked again. I got a new motherboard as a replacement.

Couple more possibilities:
When you boot, enter BIOS and adjust “AGP aperture” to a larger number. Then try rebooting and recalibrating the Xwindow system. These remedies are originally by deltaflyer:

1 ) When the boot selection appears, select failsafe, let it load until the command prompt appears.
2 ) At the prompt, login with your username & password.
3 ) Once logged in type su at the prompt & press enter.
4 ) At the password prompt enter your root password & press enter.

You now have temporary root permissions.
5 ) At the prompt type
& let it load. You can now reconfigure your graphics.
6 ) Once you have tested & saved your new configuration you will be back at the prompt. Type exit & press enter.

You will be back in normal user mode.
7 ) To test your gui type
& press enter. You should now be in gui land.

If the above fails, follow the steps up to step 4.
After step 4
1 ) Type
sax2 -m 0=vesa
( where 0 is a number not a letter ) and press enter.
This should give you basic graphics when you next log in.
From there you can go to yast ->hardware ->graphics card & monitor & set up your card there…

If that also fails, follow the steps up to step 4. Then at the prompt type
sax2 -a
and this will automatically try to set up your graphics.

If that fails,follow the steps up to step 4, then at the prompt type
sax2 -l
which will give you low res graphics when you next login.

If all this fails try man sax2 at the prompt for an in-depth guide to commands in sax.