Display multiple folder contents, one location


Just switched from Linux Mint to OpenSuse because I was annoyed with Gnome as well as Ubuntu in general. Pretty happy with everything so far.

There’s one feature I miss from Windows 7 / Vista that I’m sure wouldn’t be too hard to implement. There might be an application out there or a simple hack I can do to make it happen.

In Windows 7, your documents, pictures, music folders are actually just a library referencing to multiple, user set locations. This is really useful for me since I store a lot of media on an external hard drive. I’d like to have one plasmoid on the desktop which would display the contents of various folders. Is that at all possible?

1.right click anywhere on the desktop select Add widgets
2.look for either Folder view or Quick Access
3a.if you choose Quick Access look for an icon to the right of Directory click it look for your external HDD select it click OK
You’ll have a folder icon you can click that’ll take you right to it.
3b.if you choose folder view there is an arrow to the right of Show a place click it this will give you a drop menu if your ext HDD is plugged in you should see it on that drop menu select it click OK You will then have a view of the folders in your Ext HDD.
4.On both on the plasmoids if you hover the mouse over it off to one side will be a bar with a wrench icon that’s configure the box icon adjusts size
Hope that’s what you’re after.
Finally, welcome to OpenSuSe & its forum.:slight_smile:

I don’t think that answers his question: he wanted files (such as media files) from different locations shown in one place, not just from his external HDD. It can be done but only, I believe, by using symlinks (symbolic links). Create a folder with symlinks pointing to the various locations in which such files are stored, and then create a folder view plasmoid (or simply use Dolphin) to view all your media files.
Just google for symlinks for instructions on how to create them.

Thank you both for the quick reply. My main worry switching to OpenSuse was the lack of community support, but you’ve both proven me wrong.

gminnerup, symlinks were exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!