Display brightness problem

Hi, I’m having problems with screen brightness on my FSC Amilo laptop.
It is not on the maximum, altough it is set to the maximum in Power Management, for Performance profile, which I use.
But, when I unplug AC/DC adapter, the profile changes to powersave and screen brightness encreases, I think all the way to the maximum, altough it is not set on the maximum in the Power Management, for that profile.
Using brightness slider in Power management and using Fn key doesn’t have any effects. I tried manually changing to Powersave profile, but nothing happens.

Try to reboot your laptop with adding a kernel parameter “acpi_backlight=vendor” - in many cases there is a mismatch between generic functionality and vendor implementation, and it’s probably your problem too.


Too bad :(, this didn’t helped me. It’s same as without that parameter. Thanks anyway.

I’ve also fixed mine (Asus) with “acpi_osi=Linux”, but seems for yours things are different - this thread ACPI quirks - acpi_osi="!Windows 2006" required on FSC Amilo notebooks to enable brightness keys - linux.kernel | Google Groups is discussing about setting “acpi_osi=!Windows 2006” - which make me thing that your problem is general and not SUSE related… So try also to seek all other linux forums for any acpi/brightness information for your specific laptop model…


That thread didn’t helped me, either. But I did a little research as you said, on acpi/brightness for my model (FSC Amilo Pa 2548).

Solution to my problem was simply to adjust brightness using Fn keys before Linux starts loading; maybe this will help someone else. I still can’t adjust it once the linux is loaded, but at least I have full brightness.