Display 2 randomly boots to no wallpaper & no right click menu

HEllo, thanks for reading.

I am running KDE leap 42.1 using the default video driver.
Randomly when booting, the display on the second display will be black- no wallpaper. I can open a window there, or drag one, and it shows the contents. the mouse right click menu does not work though. I also noticed the couple of icons I had (shortcuts) also disappeared, and were still gone when rebooted and the wallpaper came back.
Any clue on how to trouble shoot this?

I also recall during installation the secondary monitors resolution was better. then when it first booted to kde, the first time I opened a window on it, the monitor said out of range,so I adjusted the resolution down, and it has been fine (minus this random wallpaper /mouse thing) since. I also had an issue with yast apps closing (crash) when being used on the secondary display, but was told its a known bug,perhaps this is related?

thansk for the input.
JOhn Kilbert

***edit cannot fix title sorry. supposed to be Display 2.

Unfortunately, twin or multi-monitor set-ups have rather a lot of issues at present.

Take a look through the bug reports for kscreen for example:

I think it’s going to be a case of waiting for the various bug fixes to be issued as and when the numerous problems are resolved.

I can do that. That is actually good news in a way.
Do you think a different video card would make any difference, eg. nvidia with proprietary driver? or is it deeper than that.

John Kilbert

In terms of the multi-monitor support I would tend to think probably not. However…

nvidia seems to perhaps have more than it’s fair share of problems. From personal experience I’ve found that in general the proprietary driver tends to perform better than nouveau; but I’ve also read of reports that indicate the opposite.

You could certainly try changing drivers, it may mitigate some of the problems, then again may not. :stuck_out_tongue:

All rather vague I’m afraid. Perhaps someone else will jump in with a more definitive answer.