Disk Sleep


Many processes enter in disk sleep mode and stops (Hang) and return to work after 10 to 20 seconds.

In System Monitor i get “Disk Sleep” like this:


My PC specifications:
Ram: 4GB
Hard Disk: 1024GB
Processor: AMD Athlon II X2
Display: ATI HD 4670
Motherbord: Gigabyte
System: openSUSE 11.2 x86_64

The problem still exists after system update and i try run other distributions like kubuntu and i don’t get this error.
I also change Hard Disk but the problem is still ongoing.

Please, How i can fix it :’(


Do you have any power setting set to spin down the hard drive after some time?

I assume KDE and Suse 11.2 and you are not playing with any of the KDE 4.4 stuff yet?


Yes, I work on KDE 4.3.1 and openSUSE 11.2

Best that I can tell this message is set if the drive is spun down or there is a network drive involved and the connection is lost or flaky. So assuming you have no NFS drives setup maybe it is a BIOS setting that is spinning down the drive.

I don’t think disk sleep means what you think. Have a look at the processes with “ps ax” and see if they are in D state, waiting for I/O completion. If this happens often you may have an I/O bottleneck.

I catch the error :slight_smile:
The problem in Hard Disk.

Thank you gogalthorp and ken_yap

zeezoo wrote:
> I catch the error :slight_smile:
> The problem in Hard Disk.

hardware error?
if so, how did you discover that?


By try install OpenSUSE on new hard disk and unplug the old hard disk from computer.
I try this solution before but i don’t remove the damaged hard disk from motherboard.