Disk Size Difference (RAID 5)


There are three harddisk in my server (SuSE 11.1 32-Bit), each disk has a size of 1.5 TB. They’re bundled in a Software-RAID-5.

In YAST it shows - correctly - a size of 2.72 TB, but if I type “df -h” it only shows up 729 GB of disk size.


Where are the 2 TB that are missing? What can I do to correct this?

Best regards,
Timo Schwiersch.

I found the answer.

resize2fs /dev/md2

corrects the size.

Maybe if anyone else has the same problem, try this.

Thanks, that helped me out. I’ve been looking for a reason why my logical volume isn’t as big as it appears in YaST’s partition editor and this command fixed my problem.

BTW, if anybody is interested I’ve just made a nice tutorial on how to setup a software RAID 0, 1 or 5 with LVM using OpenSUSE 11.1 (GNOME)

A question which might be outside of this but maybe worth asking. I had problems burning CD’s a new DVD writer connected to the MB via SATA cable. Do you think that I could try to create a RAID0 having only the DVD setup as my HD are on IDE cables. As soon as I reinstalled the old burner on IDE cable it burned without any issue. I was not able in the bios to setup a raid for it. Sorry if I’m off with my question.