disk quota for users and groups

Can we set a different quota for different Groups ?

IF can allocate different quota for different Group, is promoting to higher Group enough to enable them extra available space ?

Aim more available space for power users, admin, less for ordinary users.

Repository: Main Repository (OSS)
Name: quota
Summary: Disk Quota System
The quota subsystem allows a system administrator to set soft and hard
limits on used space and the number of inodes used for users and
groups. The kernel must be compiled with disk quota support enabled
(SUSE kernels have this support).


I do not see the connection with Networking here. Are you sure you posted this in the correct(sub)forum?

Was not to sure whether Network/Internet or Applications, felt more about Network management.

Education networks need allocate space for students, teachers, various support and admin staff, and technical support, while all need some, all do not need same, space allocated.

Education networks may allocate this space on specific computer(s), or on server(s) scattered around their Education Network.

My network small, hope can encourage others to consider changes from MS-W.

Acknowledge your expertise, move where you felt most appropriate.

The “Disk Quota System” you mention works on certain file system types (e.g. the ext2/3/4 series and more) on a system. There is IMHO no connection with a network connection.

Thus, again as I understand it, you either are walking the wrong path in getting what you want, or you did not explain clear ernough what you want.

Maybe explaining here what your exact problem is and the environment (and thus the networking) that comes with it would be nice. I am afraid you assume to much that people here understand you without you telling them any details.

Can Group membership be used to restrict available space in users /home/username ?

Group_A limit /home/usernames space to 5 GB,
Group_B limit /home/usernames space to 10 GB,
Group_C limit /home/usernames space to 50 GB…

Or is the available space for all users, whatever is available on the /home partition ?