Disk Partitioning Question

Hi All,

I have LEAP installed on a 480gb SSD (sda) but I also have a 680Gb sdb which is an LSI Logical Volume - I want to set this up so I can share data with other devices in my network (mainly windows). Only think is I am not used to “Partitioner” so not sure how to go about it.

Is there a guide anywhere ?


The first question is what you want to share. If everything you want to share is under on directory tree, you could reserve sdb for that.

I have such an arrangement, all “user data” is under /home/user/Documents and this is a separate partition. I do not really share it as I am only running Tumbleweed but it comes in handy when for some reason you want to reinstall the OS. All user data is then still present and installation is a matter of the normal install and the additional packages and setting up Thunderbird so it can find the mail settings/archives.

In theory, if Leap cannot see this yet, you need to create a mount point such as /home/<user>/windows on which to mount it. Once you have created that, you can go into YaST>Partionioner where you should see sdb listed and you can add the mount point to it.

In practice, if you are not familiar with using the Partitioner, you may need a bit more explanation than this.


You can check here for the partitioner reference:

As marel and john_hudson already said, you should choose a suitable mountpoint. If it’s all your user data on the Leap machine any folder in your /home/user should be ok. If you consider sharing data of other users, as well, it may be better to choose some new folder in /mnt/ and make it available to all users. AFAIK, the permissions can’t be handled by the win machines, anyway. So this only applies to your local Linux.

If space is no issue, you can use the full disk as one partition. For sharing with the win world you need Samba.
With YaST and standard Leap file systems (ext3 / ext4 / xfs) it should work out of the box. There is also some background on the file system support:
Have a lot of fun!


As, kasi042 mentioned, the openSUSE Reference Manual and, in addition there’s the following information available from the “Linux Documentation Project” (tldp.org) – <https://tldp.org/HOWTO/Partition-Mass-Storage-Definitions-Naming-HOWTO/index.html>.

In addition, there’s this information about File Systems in the Linux Standards Base, which is a project running under the auspices of the Linux Foundation –

Particularly if you intend to set up Windows Network Shares,
You should do a bit of reading about SAMBA, how to set up and configure.
Terminology and technologies like mountpoints and filesystems are not usually relevant to setting up SAMBA shares, those are more relevant to setting up NFS shares which are more commonly used by Linux clients.

You will find that partitioning is not usually mentioned, instead you will define your filesystem location for your SAMBA shares by a directory path. Of course, if you choose to configure a partition, you can do so but it’s not required.

The SAMBA stickies in the Networking Forum are getting a bit old in the tooth, are still mainly about setting up NT4 security which has been obsolete and should have been deprecated long ago.
The official openSUSE documentation on SAMBA follows, I don’t know how easy it is for a beginner to follow, a quick skim suggests it’s accurate… I don’t see anything that is obviously inaccurate.
If you run into problems understanding or performing any of the steps describes, just post again to these Forums (likely Networking).



Hi All - Thanks for the replies - Got my partitions all sorted and mounted - Started a separate thread for SAMBA issue’s.