Disk Management


I’m a new user and have a fresh installation of 11.1 with KDE4.

A couple of questions.

How do I see which partitions are allocated to which physical drives and how big they are? I have three SCSI drive in my system and it looked like the setup was going to put them all on one drive.

If that is what it did, how do I create a partition on the other drives and mount it?

Also, how do I backup my new system? What options do I have?


You should start YaST and look around a bit there.

E.g. for partitioning YaST > System > Partitioning

E.g. for backup YaST > System > System Backup (though it is only one way to back up and search through the Forums for threads that give hints for many types of backups for many types of needs)

Many more things where YaST is a real help.