disk error 80, ax=4233,drive9

Ok so i decided to try out linux. Off to a bit of a rough start. I downloaded ths iso and burned to dvd. now the dvd works in my laptop and one of my PC’s. The one it will not boot up in is saying.
isolinux: 3.36 2007-02-10 isolinux:disk error 80,=4233,drive9f
boot fail: press a key to retry…
isolinux:loading spec packet failed,trying to wing it…
isolinux:found something at drive =9f
isolinux:looks like it might be right, contiuing…
isolinux:disk error 80, ax 4233, drive 9f.
boot failed:press a key to retry…
Now i did just change the dvd drive from a regular dvd player to a dvd writer. it seems to work with every thing else i tryed.
I tryed my backtrack live dvd and it had same error.the 4233 did say 4208 on another time i tried. I think it might have something wrong with the bios but i dont know what? Any help would be nice thanks. Oh buy the way the pc is a AMD athalon 1700 60 gig hard 1.5 gig ram. Also i just sighed up here cheers to you all.

Try some other boot CDs you have around the place, other Linux distros, even non-Linux boot CDs. If you always get an error, you have a drive problem.

I have tryed backtrack 3 and 4beta and opensuse. I also tryed useing othe brands of dvd as well. other than the mutiple copys of these thats all i got. All copys like i said work just fine in my lap top and other pc. Ill see what else i can dig up here. I just bought this dvd writer today you think i could have got a bad one or could it be something i did installing it. To in stall it all i did was power down the system pop out the old one put in the new and power back on. Window xp recognized it and that was it. thanks.

Well yes, the question is does this drive handle other boot CDs ok, not whether the CDs work in other machines? If not, maybe you have a hardware problem. Could also be cabling. You should be using 80 conductor cable, not 40. And make sure you have the jumpers (master/slave) set correctly.

Ok i get what you saying ill double check the jumper i did set that. not shure about the cable how do you tell witch cable it is? Still looking for something else to boot with.thanks

80 conductor is quite fine as you can imagine 80 conductors squeezed into a width of 4 cm or so. It should be the same type as for the hard disks. If your machine is fairly new, you would have got 80 conductor cable.

The jumper is set right. Now you could be onto somthing with the cable. the hard drive’s cable has double the bumps in it. I dont know what you would call that. I counted the bumps (groves) in the drive and i got like 39 prolly skipped one. So it sounds like i need new cable, right?

There are pictures of 80 and 40 conductor cables on this page:

Ultra DMA (80-Conductor) IDE/ATA Cables

You really have to use 80 conductor cable with DVD drives. In fact some BIOSes will not even let you continue to use the drive if it detects 40 conductor cables.

Yup that,s what i got, both sizes. i also tryed my widows xp cd it did boot ok. So now what let me think, change the cable and maybe my other dvd,s will boot as well? thanks

Hard to say. Try more boot CDs especially Linux ones, if you have them. Also try reading some CDs from the OS, see if you get errors.

Im downloading Ubuntu now to try it. Tomarrow ill get some new cables if i can find them. Small town might have to go to the city. Ill also try other cd’s i can find. Thanks so much for the help, falling asleep at the wheel here. Ill be back tomarow with a report. Cheers have a good night.