Disk claims to be full, even after deleting files

Hello everyone,

I have been running Tumbleweed for nearly a year. My drive is is an SSD formatted in btrfs. It is claiming to be full, even though I have just removed >= 30 GB of files in the terminal using rm(so no potential trash can problems). I still cannot do anything that writes to the disk or it gives an error. I’ve attached some hopefully relevant output as an image, because I cannot get any information off of this machine, since the hard drive claims to be full so applications won’t work. Also, the drive itself appears to work fine under Windows. I’m rather at a loss of what to try next, and I would appreciate any advice on how to proceed.




snapper list

Also need to look at cleaning up (btrfs-balance) as well, manually run the cronjob in /etc/cron.weekly a few times.

Plug in USB stick, copy information there. Or boot into any live distro (e.g. Tumbleweed) and collect information from there.

Thank you all for your suggestions. In the end, the main problem I had fixing this was that I couldn’t delete snapshots or balance, because I didn’t have enough drive space. For anyone else who might stumble upon this post in the future, there is a useful method here that explains how to get around this by adding a usb key to the filesystem temporarily.

Thanks again for all your help.