Discover shows wrong target version of flathub app (teams for linux)

Hi, I am using “Teams for Linux” as flatpak app. I used Discover to install the app and also to update the app. Both went fine without problems, but i noticed that for Teams-for-Linux there is always version 1.0.45 shown as target app when the app can be updated (the current version is 1.0.80).

As soon as there is an update available, Discover lists it like this: “1.0.71 → 1.0.45”, even when the newest version is 1.0.80 not 1.0.45 (also notice that the info implies a downgrade and no upgrade). But when actually doing the “upgrade” by clicking the “update” button, the correct version is installed. The flathub website itself shows the app with the correct version 1.0.80, so i am not sure where the error lies. Also the description for the app shows an history only up to version 1.0.45, and again the flathub webside shows the full history

@sabo007 Teams for Linux is deprecated, you need to use the web version. There is probably no update present since it’s likely deleted…?

Teams for Linux is an unofficial app based on the web client (wrapped with electron i think) not the offcial microsoft linux native app. “Teams for linux” github is here: GitHub - IsmaelMartinez/teams-for-linux: Unofficial Microsoft Teams for Linux client and also on flathub: teams-for-linux | Flathub

The problem is flathub or discover related, as the former shows a wrong version when there is an update, but still updates to the correct (newest) version.