Discover cannot open appstream of KDE

You maybe know that should be possible to install an application from the web.
KDE offers this (i.e. Kontact - KDE-Anwendungen) and I wanted to download the newer version of Kmail cause a bug , which was solved in version 5.22 while the current one on Leap 15.4 is the 5.19.

Discover cannot at moment serve this and produce following message:
“Could not open appstream://org.kde.kontact because it was not found in any available software repositories. Please report this issue to the packagers of your distribution.”

So, Now I did that.


How exactly? This forum isn’t where most packagers of openSUSE routinely hang out. I looked in Bugzilla without finding any new bug that looks like you might have reported. If you wish to report a bug, start here.

Installing packages via the web is an iffy proposition, best not tried. If you find a package on the web or using Discover that seems to be missing via yast or zypper search, try installing and using opi, which can find, configure repos appropriately, install the package, then confirm you’re happy with the process, all before it exits.

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Hi mrmazda,
thank you for replay!
You said it right. On the other side the Discover message says “report this issue” not “report as bug”. Further I think, this issue is not important for me. So I opted to inform people that are more familiar with issues and system bugs.

It was only an attempt. I upgraded to Leap 15.4 and found a KMail (5.19.3) with a bug, which has been already solved in ver. 5.22.1. So I wanted to iInstall this version, because it is not available on Leap 15.4 repositories yet.