disappearing users on log-in screen

openSUSE 11.2 box with seven users

At login only one account is visible.

It might be a coincidence but problem only arose with the addition of the seventh user

YaST -> Security and Users -> User and Group management -> User tab

shows seven users

for each user

Edit -> “disable user login” box is unchecked

I’d be grateful for any thoughts on solving this one

If you are running KDE try System settings>Advanced>Login manager>Users. If all the users are unchecked, then there may be a problem with accommodating seven users. You might be able to verify this by checking one user and trying again. If the users are checked, then uncheck the ones you want to appear.

Deleting the seventh user solved the problem. When I get the strength I’ll try adding it back.

I thought there was capacity for 32767 users, (or something)

There may be but the assumption may be that no more than six will be using the same GUI login.

I’d say it is a limit of the GUI login screen ability to list users not a limit to the OS. I’d take the problem up with the KDM developers.